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Request for Proposals
for Anne Arundel County
for Acceptable Organics Processing

Now Available

The Northeast Maryland Waste Disposal Authority (“Authority”) is issuing a request for proposals (“RFP”) from qualified companies to provide acceptance and processing at the Millersville Landfill & Resource Recovery Facility, and sales of an end-product for certain Organics generally collected in Anne Arundel County, Maryland (“County”).

The RFP, as well as all attachments may be viewed/downloaded using the links below:

RFP for Anne Arundel County Organics Processing (issued 9-21-17)
Attachment 2 to RFP:  Draft Service Agreement
Attachment 4 to RFP (MLFRRF Composting Facility Operations Plan):
Compost Facility Operations Plan
Compost Facility Operations Plan – Attachments
Compost Facility Operations Plan – Drawings
Compost Facility Operations Plan – Figures
General Composting Facility Registration Certificate
Addendum No. 1 to RFP (issued 10-4-17)

Addendum No. 2 to RFP (issued 10-18-17)
Attachments to Addendum No. 2:
Attendance Sheet from Pre-Proposal Conference on 10-11-17
Soil Management Report

Addendum No. 3 to RFP (issued 10-27-17)

Addendum No. 4 to RFP (issued 11-3-17)

Addendum No. 5 to RFP (issued 11-7-17)

Addendum No. 6 to RFP (issued 11-8-17)
Attachments to Addendum No. 6 (Laboratory Data Reports):
MLFRRF – Compost 9-9-15
MLFRRF – Compost 9-18-15
MLFRRF – Compost 8-3-16
MLFRRF – Compost 4-6-17

Notice Posted:  7-24-17
Notice Updated:  9-21-17, 10-4-17, 10-18-17, 10-27-17, 11-3-17, 11-7-17, 11-8-17


Request for Proposals
for Engineering, Bid Preparation and Support
Relating to Solid Waste Facilities
Specifically Design for Corrective Measures at Landfills
Now Available

The Northeast Maryland Waste Disposal Authority (the “Authority”), a multi-jurisdictional agency, is issuing a request for proposals from engineering firms or engineering teams that are qualified to provide engineering, bid preparation and bid support relating to solid waste facilities, specifically the design for corrective measures at landfills (“Design Engineer”).  The Authority will require strong communication and outreach experience in the area of collaborative design of corrective measures that incorporate beneficial uses for the site.

The RFP, as well as all attachments, may be viewed/downloaded using the links below:

RFP for Gude Landfill Remediation Project (issued 8-4-17)
Service Contract (Word)
Service Contract (PDF)
Exhibit 3 – Pricing Form
0 – Gude ACM Report
1 – Figures
1 – Tables
Appendix A (part 1)
Appendix A (part 2)
Appendix A (part 3)
Appendix B
Appendix C
Appendix D
Appendix E
Appendix F part 1
Appendix F part 2
Appendix F part 3
Appendix F part 4
Appendix G
Appendix H
Appendix I
Appendix J
Appendix K
MDE ACM Report Approval Letter
1 – County to MDE Letter Transmittal – Gude Lf ACM Transmittal 1-30-14
2 – MDE to County Letter Transmittal – Gude MDE Ltr Deficiency 4-22-15
3 – County to MDE Letter Transmittal – DEP Response MDE Gude 6-10-15
4 – MDE to Count Letter Transmittal – MDE Response New Gude Schedule 7-6-15
5-0 – County to MDE Letter Transmital – Gude Drilling Letter 7-20-15
5-1 – County to MDE Email Transmittal – Gude LF Waste Eval & Tem Piezimeter Install 7-20-15
5-2 – Gude Waste Eval. Temp PZ Installation Plan 7-17-15
6 – MDE to County Ltr Transmittal – MDE Approval Gude Piezometer Plan 7-31-15
2016-10-12 MDE Acceptance of GW & LFG Monitoring
ACM Appendix J
CE Gude Alternatives
CE Gude Keithligon
Consent Order
Council Memo Gude LF Remediation Reuse 7-28-17
Groundwater Well Installation Detail 2017
Gude LF LFG Probes Letter Revising the 2009 Approved Plan
Gude LF Relocation of Groundwater Monitoring Wells Letter to MDE
GWSW Monitoring Plan
LFG Monitoring Approved Plan 1 (Part 1)
LFG Monitoring Approved Plan 1 (Part 2)
Survey Map-GW
Survey Map-LFG
Toupee Cap Limits

     Addendum 1 – 08.31.17
     Gude_2009 Base Model (1)
     Gude_2009_Base (CAD)
     Gude_2015 (CAD)

Addendum No. 2 (issued 9-7-17)
Gude Weekly Data 2015
Gude Weekly Methane Data 2016
Gude Weekly Methane Data 2017-2018

Addendum No. 3 (issued 9-15-17)
Sheet from Site visit on 9-13-17
Storm Water Pollution Plan for the Montgomery County Gude Landfill Facility (June 2014)

Notice Posted:  3-15-17
Notice Updated:  8-31-17, 9-7-17, 9-15-17