what we do

The Authority’s unique structure as a multi-county agency allows us to respond quickly to the needs of participating jurisdictions. Our many years of experience allow us to expedite the procurement and permitting stages of each project. We understand and are responsive to local concerns about waste management, because the Authority’s board of directors is comprised of representatives from the participating jurisdictions. Our project planning procedures allow for citizen input, so we can address the quality-of-life issues associated with waste disposal projects.

The Authority’s experienced staff work closely with local governments and the waste management industry to develop custom designed waste management programs. We strive to incorporate the most efficient technology available, while keeping costs as low as possible. A team of expert consultants works under the direction of Authority project managers to execute specific tasks.

Our experience enables us to plan for the future by accurately predicting the cost of building and operating new facilities. In this way, local governments can compare waste disposal options and find the best mix for the long term.

The Authority has an historical perspective on the progress of waste disposal in the region. For more than forty years, we have provided a unique forum for participating jurisdictions to share information. Our body of knowledge is also shared with other jurisdictions throughout the state and nation. Through participation in materials management seminars and other educational programs, the Authority has become recognized as a leading expert in solid waste/recycling management. Authority staff members hold leadership positions in a variety of regional and national solid waste management and recycling organizations such as the Municipal Waste Management Association (the U.S. Conference of Mayors) and the National Recycling Coalition. We have received numerous awards and have been recognized nationally for our work in the area of recycling.