projects and services

The Authority provides outstanding support for its participating jurisdictions.  Operating with an efficient staff and possessing unique abilities, the Authority has a high degree of flexibility to interact with local, state and federal government agencies, and the private sector.  Authority projects incorporate waste management methods that have met similar needs in other regions.  Our projects are recognized and studied by solid waste managers and engineers throughout the nation and the world.

16 Financings:

6 New bond issues (4 tax-exempt – BRESCO, Harford, Composting and Montgomery; 2 taxable – BRESCO and Montgomery)
2 Bonds issued in escrow to insure tax savings (Harford and Composting)
4 Refundings (BRESCO REDs transaction; Harford SWAP;
2 Montgomery Refundings – both in escrow)
4 Additional Bonds (2 Air Pollution Control for BRESCO and Harford; Private Placement for Composting and Purchase of Harford Facility)
Other Financial Transactions:1 Sale Leaseback for BRESCO facility