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baltimore city composting facility

The Baltimore City Composting Facility has been an integral component of biosolids management for the City of Baltimore since 1988. The facility is operated through a partnership between the Authority, Baltimore City and Veolia Water North America. To date, the facility has processed over 650,000 dewatered tons (wet tons) of biosolids and has produced in excess of 825,000 cubic yards of Exceptional Quality, Orgro®* High Organic Compost. With a design capability of 210 wet tons per day, and a minimum processing time of 44 days, the in-vessel process ensures a Class A product can be put to market. Processed biosolids are received from Baltimore City’s Back River Waste Water Treatment Plant and mixed with wood amendments, which provide a carbon source for the composting process and act as a bulking agent to ensure thorough composting. The mixed material is placed into a “cell” in the composting reactor and is computer monitored for oxygen, moisture and temperature through the 14-day initial phase of composting. During this initial phase, the mixture is turned to provide additional aeration and ensure the uniformity of the product.


The composted material is then moved outside for additional curing to meet Federal pathogen and vector-attraction reduction requirements. The final step for the mature compost is screening to provide a fine, homogenous material that is sold for use on golf courses, athletic surfaces and the lawn of the residence of the Vice President of the United States. The facility has been recognized for excellence in operation (2001 OpEx Award from US Filter) and has hosted several tours (Institute for Public-Private Partnerships and the Water Environment Federation). The facility staff has also conducted tours for environmental engineering students from The John Hopkins University and participants in the University of Maryland’s Better Composting School.

To purchase Orgro®* High Organic Compost please call 410.354.1636.

For a tour of the Baltimore City Composting facility, please contact Tom Fantom at 410.354.1636.

Operations Overview

 Year     Biosolids Received
(Wet Tons)
    Compost to Market
(Cubic Yards)
1997 46,139 86,169
1998 44,213 84,202
1999 43,562 79,264
2000 44,363 72,208
2001 43,117 72,000
2002 43,873 62,269
2003 44,738 64,467
2004 45,334 73,575
2005 46,439 66,356
2006 44,230 66,390
2007 44,510 66,368
2008 32,516 64,463
2009 29,297 39,830
2010 29,107 44,305
2011 28,038 33,968
2012 29,240 34,529
2013 27,491 33,729
2014 30,254 31,551
2015 33,537 34,469
2016 31,319 33,739
2017 27,802 40,924
2018 31,386 27,004
2019 33,450 43,801
2020 26,367 36,157
2021 28,138 23,304
2022 26,041 32,790

To learn more about the Baltimore Compost Facility, please contact Veolia Water North America at (410) 354-1636.

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